3 Signs You Should Have Your Silver Fillings Replaced

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Dental fillings are one of the oldest known methods of dental restoration. Dentists have been placing dental fillings for years as a way to stop damage and restore an unhealthy tooth. However, as modern dentistry has begun to take over, certain types of dental fillings are beginning to die out. 

Silver dental fillings were originally made of metal materials that contained mercury, which has been proven to be somewhat harmful to the mouth. Aside from the chemical makeup, fillings that are silver in color can also be non-discreet. Because of these things, dentists are beginning to recommend that silver fillings be removed and replaced.

Three signs to have silver dental fillings replaced

If you have silver dental fillings then you may want to read on to find out more. We go over three signs that may indicate a need for replacement. Thankfully, modern dentistry has allowed for the creation of composite dental fillings that are durable, natural-looking and reliable. 


Silver fillings are made of amalgam, which can expand and contract when extreme temperatures are put in contact. When a person consumes something too hot or too cold, the dental filling is at risk of changing. Over time, constant expansion or contraction of the filling can result in a sensitive tooth.

It is best to pay close attention to a silver filling after a few years. The area of the tooth surrounding the silver filling may become sensitive, weak or even prone to cracking, which could all result in a need for a complete tooth replacement.

Cracks or chips

Because amalgam fillings don’t have a very long lifespan, they are more prone to weakening the tooth. Over time, the filling will become weakened which will result in a need for replacement. Keep an eye out for small cracks or chips around or even on the filling. While these may seem minor, they could actually cause severe problems. It is best to have the silver fillings replaced with composite ones if cracks or chips are present. Alternatively, have a dentist regularly examine the silver fillings to determine if there are unnoticeable cracks or chips.


Another indicator that silver fillings should be replaced is if the patient finds them to be distracting. Long ago, silver fillings were the only option, but today, natural-colored ones are available and quite popular for obvious reasons.

Having a natural-colored tooth filled with silver materials isn’t necessarily pleasing to the eye, but replacing them with composite fillings or even a dental crown can help improve one’s aesthetic right away.

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